Real Estate is a Pathway to Growing Wealth

Real Estate, which is property consisting of land or the building structures on it, has been a pathway to growing wealth for millions of people for centuries. The facts are that everyone uses and needs real estate in some form. From housing, shopping, traveling, to work real estate is present. Let’s get basic for a moment. Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which considers shelter as a necessity of life. If we consider the housing component of real estate, single family and multifamily residential, there are an estimated 7.753 billion people in the world who need a place to live.  When you consider these numbers alone, it’s easy to understand real estate as a pathway to wealth.

Here at Horizon Companies, we focus our expertise in multi-family real estate sector. Providing homes for hundreds of families at once is rewarding and challenging. If you’re reading this article, then we’re sure you know that rewards and challenges go hand in hand. Where there are risks and challenges around the corner are rewards.

The rewards are huge when it comes to wealth building and creation. Owning even a small portion of a real estate project, is a pathway towards creating revenue, equity and building wealth. There is even evidence that supports how real estate increases wealth more steadily than other asset classes. Cash flow, appreciation, leverage, forced equity, and inflation to name a few rewards are intertwined in most real estate deals. But you must know what deals to to invest in that will align with you investment goals.

Keep in mind there are many pathways in real estate that can lead to wealth. Most sectors have several paths and real estate is no different with its vast number of options. Commercial or Residential, Single family or Multifamily, Hospitality or Industrial, these are all pathways to growing wealth through investing in real estate. And of course, there are multiple options even within each of those sectors, it can seem like it’s never ending but try to to let that overwhelm you. The key is finding which pathway works for you and an experienced, results oriented partner to help you along the way.

Hopefully, this article add some insight into the multiple paths of real estate investing and offered an aha moment on how investing into real estate can hep you to grow wealth. Real Estate just might be one of the simplest and steadiest ways to build wealth. If you’re interested in finding out about any of our real estate investing opportunities, please reach out for more information or visit our investors portal

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