Invest in Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I - An ESG-Focused Fund

Asset Type

LIHTC Multifamily Developments

80% of Capital Raised

Preferred Equity

Investment Objective


20% of Capital Raised

Senior Equity

Risk - Return Profile

Core / Credit

Preferred Gross Yield


Target Raise / Minimum Investment

$50MM /$250K

Senior Equity Target Net IRR


Who Can Invest

Accredited Individuals, LLCs, 401K’s, Trusts, and

Family Offices

Senior Equity Target Cash Returns


Where We Invest

We target cities and submarkets across the southeast U.S. that we expect to experience outsized rent growth and demand.

Horizon Companies Map

Fund Benefits

The sponsors that we invest in also represents a partnership with federal, state, and local agencies, in return for which the overall cost of construction is reduced, thus lowering the cost-basis and enhancing stabilized yields.


Economic returns are truly cash flow driven, with little in the way of market value appreciation --- Rental rate increases, which are governed by HUD, approximate inflation trends over time

Lower Risk

LIHTC developments may only progress once LIHTC Awards, permits, contractors, and construction/permanent lending has been secured, thus greatly reducing the risk of non-completion -- LIHTC properties typically operate at lower vacancies and lower turnover compared to market rate properties


Our development sponsor has over 19 years of experience sourcing, developing, constructing, and operating LIHTC compliant properties

Generate More Income

Our Senior Equity targeted cash-on-cash returns provide a risk-premium to other higher-quality yield alternatives

Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I


Yield Comparison

High Yield Rate


Investment-Grade Bonds


U.S. Ten-Year Treasuries


*Data sourced April 5th, 2023 – St. Louis Federal Reserve


“Doing Well By Doing Good”

Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund intends to deliver housing solutions backed by our commitment to enhancing overall quality of life through energy use reduction, best-in-class living environments, and on-going engagement after a property is delivered and placed into operation


Every one of the planned developments that we invest in will utilize Energy Star appliances and above-code materials, and where possible will pursue and comply with IRS 45L requirements, install EV charging stations, and partner with local municipalities in developing green spaces and areas which support healthy outdoor activities


Each development will target households making less than 60% of Area Median Income -- We target high-growth secondary and tertiary markets where affordable housing can favorably impact upward mobility -- Each development will support household formation and improve economic well-being by reducing housing insecurity


We approach each development that we invest into with a commitment to making a positive impact upon the communities in which we invest in -- Once a development is stabilized we engage with local non-profits to provide financial literacy, wellness training, childcare, and continuing educational programs

Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I is professionally managed by a dedicated portfolio management team with an average 30+ years of experience.

Matthew Burleigh, Fund Manager, Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I

Matthew Burleigh
Fund Manager
Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I

Terry Spicer, President, Vista Development

Terry Spicer
Vista Development 

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Raj Valluri
Vice President of Development
Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I

Donald Smart

Donald Smart
Chief Compliance Officer
Horizon Private Equity LIHTC Fund I

Invest in a new kind of Private Equity Fund. A fund that’s ESG focused in community building.


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