Preston Byrd, Managing Partner

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Preston Byrd is Managing Partner of Horizon with his primary focus being on new development opportunities. Originally operating as an independent developer, he later expanded the platform to outside investors who shared his values, goals and objectives. Mr. Byrd chairs the Investment Committee and has successfully assembled a strong development team. He also works closely with the asset management team to help maximize operations at the investment level. He is responsible for the company’s overall direction of development.

Mr. Byrd has been an active real estate developer and investor for more than 18 years. As a Managing Partner, he has developed and executed revenue enhancement strategies for more than $1B in the multifamily housing sector. He specializes in development, complex financial structuring and management of risk. Prior to forming Horizon, Mr. Byrd built and sold several multi-million dollar companies from the healthcare sector to Information Technology.

Mr. Byrd attended Middle Tennessee State University with a concentration in architecture and civil engineering.