Multifamily Housing Investment Opportunities in the Southeast Region


The demand for additional multifamily housing in the marketplace has continued to grow. The low supply in this space has resulted into increased rental rates and lower vacancies, creating new opportunities for investors. These new opportunities have opened up the door for investors to experience higher ROR on their capital and greater long-term cash flow distributions. 

Why Invest in Multifamily

Multifamily units are becoming a long-term choice for people of all ages and incomes. In fact, a growing number of “renters by choice” individuals making more than $75,000 per year will increase demand for apartments as will a growing trend of empty-nesters leaving the suburbs for urban apartment living.

According to FreddieMac’s 2021 mid-year outlook for multifamily, the apartment market forecast for the rest of 2021 has continued to grow as the economy continues to experience growth. It is expected that the vacancy rate will decrease to 5.0%, while rents are predicted to rise 2.5%, which leads to an estimated overall 2.9% increase in gross rental income. It is forecasted that 2021 will see record setting originations, in the range of $385 billion to $410 billion. We offer investors access to multifamily opportunities throughout the Southeast Region on our platform.

Southeast Region

It is estimated that the need for additional multifamily housing units in the United States will top over 4 million by 2030. The Southeast Region will make up about a third of that demand. As empty-nesters are leaving their suburban homes and moving into apartments and the Millennials are seeking housing that doesn’t require the added expense of maintenance, the demand for multifamily housing continues to grow.  

Rely on expertise

Horizon Companies has been in the multifamily housing space since 2004. We understand the market trends and shifts so, we make course corrections as need to ensure our investors receive the best possible returns on their investments.

Our investment opportunities are offered as single investments into a specific property through a Private Placement offering that’s registered with the SEC as a RegD. These investments are only open to investors who qualify as Accredited Investors, as defined by the SEC. Terms for a typical investment with us are within 24 months with the minimum investment ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.