Meet Our Leadership


We are all familiar with the quote: “With great power, comes great responsibilities”. At Horizon, we believe leadership starts with 5 basis principals; Communication, Knowing Your People, Knowing Yourself, Diplomacy and Seeking Feedback. Without being guided by these basis elements of leadership, it is challenging to motivate, guide and cultivate a winning team.

As effective leaders, we take a personal interest in the long-term development of our team members, and we push each employee towards achievement by making continued education a part of our culture. We encourage our leaders to focus on and cultivate each of these areas of leadership as part of our continued training and education.

Purpose Driven

At Horizon, we are driven by the desire of making positive impacts within the communities that we serve. We do this by setting measurable goals to put our business strategy and purpose statement into action. Focusing on our purpose allows us to set meaningful organizational strategies that guide our decision-making towards maximizing positive impact.

Our Leadership Team

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Preston Byrd

Managing Partner

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Terry Spicer

President of Affordable Housing Division & Senior Political Strategist

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Dan Zirolli

Chief Technology Officer

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Donald Smart

Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

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Chris Fletcher

President, Horizon Realty

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Matthew Burleigh

Fund Manager for Horizon’s Private Equity LIHTC Fund

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Raj Valluri

Vice President of Development

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Georgette Vigueras


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Will Armstrong

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

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Athena Kiapos

Director of Investor Relations

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Candace Spicer

Director of Planning and Urban Development