Celebrating Black History this Month and All Year Long 

Black History Month celebrates African Americans’ accomplishments, impacts, and legacies. This February, Horizon Companies is honored to recognize Black-owned companies that have made significant contributions to our communities. Supporting Black-owned businesses demonstrates a commitment to African American ownership, the goods and services offered and the idea or being intentional about the economic benefits of ownership. It also makes it possible for the African American community to continue to build generational wealth.

Only 10% of small enterprises are held by African Americans, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and of them, more than half are owned by women. Despite these low figures, African American entrepreneurs nevertheless make a substantial contribution to the economy of our nation by generating employment and offering vital services to our local communities. We can address the wealth divide and ensure that multigenerational wealth stays in the African American community by supporting these businesses not only during this month but throughout the rest of each year.

At Horizon Companies, we think that diversity benefits both the operations of a company and the health of the economy as a whole. We work hard to foster an inclusive workplace where workers from all backgrounds will feel valued for their own viewpoints. 

We can all gain from supporting African American-owned businesses, whether by offering our patronage or by making financial investments into them. This is because doing so not only helps to create jobs but also celebrates and sustains the goods, products and services for a segment of our population that has historically been underfunded and underserved by the traditional financial system. Let’s take some time this month to reflect on the progress we’ve made in embracing diversity while also recognizing how far we still have to go to achieve genuine equality for all individuals, regardless of color or ethnicity. Remember, “Black History is American History” and it is more than just one month.

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